3 Strategies to Enrich your relationship in life and creating quality music

What i have come to see is my generation and generations before me, the older you get and usually when sometimes you get married or too a certain age their interaction with the world begins to whither. When a person gets married it becomes a team of two instead of your friends and few as this is a path i see with over 80% of the genre as we sometime see it growing up is less interaction. Do you wonder why 50% of people that get married according to statistics get divorced?

Understanding without mutually stimulating interaction, people and neurons wither and die like usually as calling the taxidermist to put animal out their misery. I mean nothing is wrong with getting married or less interaction when you were younger or older, but in my eyes the method of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and with little interaction with the world is exactly that.

I live to meet new people all the time as it helps enrich my life and help bring incite and education as at one time i nearly fell into the fix mind trap of being sold to little to no interaction for lust or what they call love i was assuming. Thank God he was not allowing that mistake and made sure that didn’t become coreybiggs in the closet with Dr. Suess singing cry me a river. 🙂

Let me get to the point as i see it to enrich your life and relationship i see it as having intrinsic value in the person you are and the same goes for creating quality music and playing for the masses to move wisdom of crowds. Understanding building relationships is like building momentum as building momentum requires excess energy. Trust me if building enriched relationships was simple then the Story of Adam and Eve would not be a story and i would not be writing this article and be a fat bastard as we all would be in lust and love knowing how to be pretty and fat.

Understanding that too enrich your relationship and achieve creative brilliance just not in music in every thing you do is in my eyes may be this simple.

1. Interdependence – You need to understand that you mind has to have a growth mindset, no matter what is so impossible becomes possible. Understanding the brain requires knowledge of the healthy, living brain with a community of other brains.
Solution and initiative – start a circle whether a smaller circle for a increased level of intimacy and guys i don’t mean asking you wife/husband for intimacy narrative fallacy’s with additions to relationship; this is about creating enrich universal stimuli to spur growth and imagination as 2 is to few lets say 4 or more of collective action and wisdom!

If you decide for a larger group in order to leverage a greater diversity of thought and experience it either or in my eyes as the 1st enriched life initiative.

2. Inspiration – I truly believe inspiration is essential and how to be excellent at anything you put your universal mind toward taking over your inner-world of sometimes the little insecurity holding you back.
With inspiration you can have anything you want, but you cant have everything you want.

Your inspired mind wants to know you are purpose driven whether it creating music for body and soul or creating brilliance in a relationship in business or your spouse. I often see that many people in their quest after they leave the education region of Selective attention of every day becoming better in what they desire, they loss the potential to ever exemplify inspiration.
It happens to the best and worst as I have seen it with many artist and even sports athlete and close friends. Its not knowing inspiration it does nothing for you, its doing the deliberate practice of the inspiration and creating that innovation of creativity whatever it may be with its brilliance that comes from inside of it.

3. Accountability – This i truly believe is the most quintessential element that people tend to forget in relationship as a artist in creating music.

When i interact with the other the first impression is accountability. When a person makes plans or agreement and does not act upon it is honestly in my eyes is equal to a wife/husband cheating on each other. Honestly, i can tell you i am unbiased in any relationship in the beginning whether intimate or business but unless its a emergency and even if not being able to make the initiative intrinsic value of making a effort to use a phone or leave a message is just selfish as that is the meaning of accountability.

This i believe has happened to all and we seem to tend to overlook as its okay and its not. Being late is late and i am not perfect, not calling when i said i would, i have made the mistake when i was younger, but at my age i will just smile if it happens and have clarity understand with the person in this relationship will be parameters and restrictions and make sure if i decide the cost to benefit may be penalty to maybe perjury. Accountability is life is relationship business, sorry not a bet!

If you learn to always hold yourself accountable even when your wrong people see the value attribution in you. Actually admitting wrong is right and that is the deliberate practice of learning to be excellent in anything you do. Its just like in creating and playing music the artist is accountable to understand the wisdom of crowds and influence that his perception has to exemplify. A artist has to create surrealism is what he is bringing to the table at all times with the perceived relationship that are a part of his brand reputation to create his legacy or again he will wither away of fade like no tomorrow.

This is probably the only narrative fallacy of a enriched quality relationship to follow!

Listen I am not telling you this is the no-brainer strategy for everyone to follow. This works for me in my motion picture of present life. If you want to turn the noise in your life in music and/or relationships in your environment into something useful, you must develop systems of filtering the not just right stimuli, the exact right stimuli and discerning which of it is most relevant to you world of enriched relationships.

To Sum it up Relationship in life,music and business is like a game show you produce and create quality and you come back, don’t produce and we have some lovely party gifts for you.

Quote: Knowing does nothing for you, its doing that matters. Mr miyagi & yoda

Was it the Spinach that created the enriched inspiration and quality of life for Popeye? Only Olive Oil knows?

Was it the Spinach that created the enriched inspiration and quality of life for Popeye? Only Olive Oil knows?

Was it the Spinach that created the enriched inspiration and quality of life for Popeye? Only Olive Oil knows?


About coreybiggs

Corey J. Tronchin aka CoreyBiggs is an Extraordinary Artist leading by examples acquired from his global travels and spreading deliberate learning incite to engage other in collective action and wisdom. He is currently Ceo of Professional Rockstars, Nolcha Fashion Brand Executive Consultant,Independent Social Media Consultant , Professional Coach, and Public Speaker. Making this world a better place. Music is the Drug!
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