Understanding when to bet as much as possible & not betting when their is none at all

I rarely watch a lot of television, but i have been watching on Demand on HBO series “Boardwalk Empire”. The show is based on prohibition in the early stages in the United states and focused on Atlantic City. The series focus is on the early years of the underworld of criminals from the real life Enoch L. Johnson who is in the HBO show, Enoch “Nucky” Thompson played by Steve Buscemi in prohibition era.

What caught my eye was in this movie was a great scene when Enoch “Nucky” Thompson and Arnold Rothstein. For all you who are not familiar with Arnold Rothstein history. He was A powerful and intelligent New York gangster who enters into business with Nucky.

Enoch “Nucky” Thompson portrayed by Steve Buscemi is alway in need to place the right bets to survive in “Boardwalk Empire” on HBO series

In this sit-down or meeting where Enoch “Nucky” Thompson was in a serious position in what to do with his situation of his competitors trying to kill him, under indictment by the federal government and in no position to retaliate as he would be the first one that would be accused he was looking for answers and what bet to play.

Arnold Rothstein’s portrayed by actor Michael Stuhlbarg response and words was i think one of the greatest insight and hindsight i heard in a while and i would like to share. He said,” I bet a lot in life sometimes a day 20 times , sometimes 5 times a day, sometimes once a day. Then there is sometimes i go weeks and even months without making a bet at all. The reason, there is no bet to make. But as i know when there is a bet to make i make sure i bet it all.”

This is the actual sit-down picture in the Armory with Arnold Rothstein and Enoch “Nucky ” Thompson in Boardwalk Empire

With regards to Enoch “lucky” Thompson, there was not bet to make as he had no play he could win as what was the reflection that Arnold Rothstein was expressing to him and he had no other option but to wait and see,

In life there our many types risk takers, the one’s like Arnold Rothstein that bet it all as they see the opportunity and believe, conceive, and achieve to engage to win and also the risk averse who with a similar expected return (but different risks), will prefer the one with the lower risk. Then there are others that bet free willingly on faith and follow the leader narrative Disney world fallacies.

I HAVE CAME UP WITH MY DEFINITION that In my eyes and in my mind I see it like Arnold Rothstein, the best time to bet is when you know that there is an opportunity to win and bet as much to win as you can. The understanding that when your opportunity to succeed is hedged by knowing you have more opportunity to win than anyone else like Nike said,”just do it”

Risk Averse if you believe that is the situation, just unlike Nike said,”Just don’t do it”. Listen, there is no guarantee to win all the time or all the bets, but not believing to achieve in your bets is committing vehicular suicide in your mind and self-esteem. Play like Arnold Rothstein, as he may have been one of the legends in the Underworld but him and Charles “Lucky” Luciano, partners and friend were actually two of the few underworld leaders to retire alive and Arnold Rothstein never did a day in Jail. Think about it? 🙂

Quote: The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose. John Mason Brown


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