Corey Biggs – Music is the Drug 035 with guest Nikolai Marti – 128andup/128TKNO Records

Music is the Drug brings guest Nikolai Marti known as the boss of 128 TKNO RECORDS and ringleader of the world acclaimed 128andup Electronic Dance Music Magazine. Get ready for an exclusive live set from Home Grown Music festival 2012 this  September.
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1. Andres Gil – Railway (Mikael Pfeiffer Re-Form)
2. Positive Merge – Hardware
3. Daniele Crocenzi – Tiefen Klang
4. Yariv Bernstein – Awakening Call (Markantonio & Roberto Capuano Remix)
5. Tom Laws – Bogota Brothers (Original Mix)
6. Locomatica – Methodik (Original Mix)
7. Skober – Different Perception
8. Tom Laws – Contorsion
9. Larix – Sagittarious A
10. Pedro Freiberger – Blood In The Soul (Original Mix)
11. Bodyscrub – Impulse (Original Mix)
12. Kardinal, Lowkey – 4 Days Out
13. Daniele Crocenzi – Interferenzen

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Quote: “War is a personal vendetta. Balance gain and loss before beginning. ” Rockstar


About coreybiggs

Corey J. Tronchin aka CoreyBiggs is an Extraordinary Artist leading by examples acquired from his global travels and spreading deliberate learning incite to engage other in collective action and wisdom. He is currently Ceo of Professional Rockstars, Nolcha Fashion Brand Executive Consultant,Independent Social Media Consultant , Professional Coach, and Public Speaker. Making this world a better place. Music is the Drug!
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