What You Don’t Know About The Seduction Of Ethical Power In Your Business and Social Media

Let me be Clear!

Majority and/or Minority of the United State of America and the World had the chance and/or opportunity to watch our present president Barrack Obama and also Bill Clinton speak at the Democratic National Convention

In Bill Clinton’s speech, to the United States of America, he questioned; Mit Romney, solution that  his arithme-tick (Strategy) was not the exact right equation in the solution for America?

His meaning in my mind, We Believe in format of the  word phrasing arithme-tick (Strategy) ,not the right insect of a tick for all the people of the United States of America to Solve the American economy, trials & tribulations in the present & future for the next upcoming 4 years?

With this being said, whether Mit Romney, Bill Clinton and/or Barrack Obama are right are wrong is not the issue at hand.

Here’s your equation to a better than good life! Believe it, Conceive, Achieve it!

In all cases of your own life in your own mindset of  “Creating the Exact Right arithme-tick with learning = organized clarity in your knowledge to Win! “

Knowledge = power is to broad  a statement to your growth mindset!

What I have created in a concept is Rockstar knowledge = the  ability to match our personal past, present experiences and in ourselves connecting the 2 to be connected to finding intellectual & ethical wisdom.

IF  then and only then our growth mindset; this can match our experience = understanding and motivated reasoning in winning in wisdom!

What we need to take from the past 2 weeks form the Democratic & Republican National Convention of 2012 is the value attribution of raising your own personal level of Experience in yourself.

Your wisdom of your own mindset is the CLEAR Goal!

The reason change in my mind,eyes and ears with the Democratic party and the Republican party is Chance 2, Want 2, How 2, Able 2 is not given a chance and more than likely whoever wins; no one wins!

Albert Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them”

hmm!!! Interesting don’t you agree?

Reality is ,as we all breathe the same air the Democrats and Republicans will never work together and don’t Care!

REASON 1: If You have 2 party promoters that their organization wants to have all say in planning the festival of all festivals!

From my present and past experience this what usually happens:

1.They both will neither give the chance from past, present experience to each other to connect in  how to pick the right djs, bands,marketing to curate 4 year festival (Presidency).

2. Blame each other any chance they can, instead of matching each others experiences and organizing the systems (time slots/day/guest list/security) of who creates the party to move wisdom of crowds (BULLYING)

3. Have their organizations infest the systems with mental disease so even if right in one organization is confirmed, trying to find a motivated reasoning for it to be wrong so their organization seems right? (HYPNOTIZING)

Hmm!!  Does this not sound like Bullying & Conspiracy?

Let me ask you a question and let me be clear?

Was there or was there not a legislative law made about this passed by both parties on Anti- Bullying? 

Maybe I am wrong that’s for kids in school not political parties! lol


We have allowed these politicians, these people/parties to manipulate,control,direct and misinform us for centuries.

& Another question?

Is not hypnotizing and/or conspiracy a flanking angle metaphor or similar to what mental & physical disease usually accomplishes

Coup de grâce


Let me ask my last question to you?

As everything is either equal or not equal as we are assumed all equal in the United States Declaration of Independence of 1776?


  Why is it, if i cannot bully you in school in America, hypnotize and or/cause conspiracy because its written in the  LAW but each political party is seems with (BLACK SWAN SCIENCE) can do what they pleases each and every 4 years!

Political parties are able to bully the people of America by any means necessary to make you believe their party is the right party for the next 4 years.

Is this against the Law or is this the Law?

In my mindset, as i am not  biased, is  that is repeating in lather terms the American Civil War ever 4 years!

It’s as i see it, a Catch 22 in Yes/No, do we really need these Political Parties?

No, If they do not believe in change and even if they say it is going to happen; they do not give either a chance as the method of insanity is doing the same thing over an over it seems to me?

Yes, if they can follow the laws they forget every 4 years and so it seem the paid media & earned media tend to forget about and all the people who think we are created equal remember.

Yes, we can all find circumstances of blame in life, War, Economy,Marriage, Natural Disasters, Wall Street, Etc but that is the “BLACK SWAN” all Narrative Fallacies that deter change in a fixed mindset.

Yes and/or No is my question to you?

Do we need the Republican or Democratic party as in our Constitution is not all men/women are equal?

In the Constitution, did it say or not say at all, we need a Republican System or the Democratic System was it not an equal system of all created organized system of equality?

If at the end of day,month and each year of the 4 years repeating whatever political party they  meaning your political delegates ;not we the people who may and/or may not elect a president are not going to let chance to work together to become an organized system in  to move wisdom of crowds for the USA?

Why not we take both raised funds for presidency & Political party campaigns and pay to the deficit and have a real party for the people ?

As in your Rockstar’s mindset, your personal life, we ourselves, we need the exact right arithme-tick to be  the exact right tick of an insect to stick to us and grow and draw out the resources in our  growth mindset, as a person to take charge and turn chance into wisdom!

This is getting leverage on yourself and not meaning what political party,nation,religion, baseball team unless you’re the New York Yankees.

40 World Series championships, and won 27 of them! 

Your homework is learn what motivates you, manipulate yourself into doing so!

Ask yourself? Is confidence and natural an internal abstract thing or is it external concrete measurable tangible thing?

See the conditions and causes and organize the systems in all action of battle in life in what you do will = being able to afford  New York Yankee World Series tickets and/or organized clarity in your knowledge to Win!


If you are still wondering on who to vote or a quick Divorce whether Republican/Democrat/or Militia for in November 2012 this will help and Boston Red Sox fans as well! =-) Click Here

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About coreybiggs

Corey J. Tronchin aka CoreyBiggs is an Extraordinary Artist leading by examples acquired from his global travels and spreading deliberate learning incite to engage other in collective action and wisdom. He is currently Ceo of Professional Rockstars, Nolcha Fashion Brand Executive Consultant,Independent Social Media Consultant , Professional Coach, and Public Speaker. Making this world a better place. Music is the Drug!
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