Music is the Drug 010 FEAT Pirupa – PARTY NON-STOP

ROCKSTAR LICKING HOUSE SEX  – Music is the Drug 036 Feat. Corey Biggs – IM Not A DJ I’M A ROCKSTAR

Music is the Drug 010 brings you “Party Non Stop” Kingpin artist extraordinaire “Pirupa” on this special exclusive live set with his new release coming out February 13th on vinyl “Party non stop” Released on Desolat Music Group. For all those fans waiting for the digital release you have 7 days after February 20th. So this exclusive set is going to have to release the anticipation and hysteria Pirupa brings to the Table All day like krispy Creme baby! Music is the Drug! Join the Revolution.



About coreybiggs

Corey J. Tronchin aka CoreyBiggs is an Extraordinary Artist leading by examples acquired from his global travels and spreading deliberate learning incite to engage other in collective action and wisdom. He is currently Ceo of Professional Rockstars, Nolcha Fashion Brand Executive Consultant,Independent Social Media Consultant , Professional Coach, and Public Speaker. Making this world a better place. Music is the Drug!
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