DIRTY NEEDLES & RAZORS HALLOWEEN CANDY WARNING!!! Music Is The Drug 039 Feat. Filterheadz vs Im Not a DJ I’m a Rockstar

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Rockstars like sex? Music is the Drug 038 Feat. Corey Biggs – Im Not a DJ I’m A Rockstar – PART 1

This is your DIRTY NEEDLES & RAZORS HALLOWEEN CANDY WARNING!!! FILTERHEADZ is in the Building with a Hurricane Sandy Effect to DEF!

Get Ready for a fun filled Crack Addiction of Halloween Halo! with this 2 Hours special presentation of Music is the Drug Warning Warning Halloween is here so Fear the Filthy and Candy Warning of Staying High on this Music Supply. Powered by Professional Rockstars Music Group & Broadcast media and radio partners worldwide.

Im Not a DJ I’m a Rockstar Tracklist

Abel Ramos- Latex (original mix)
Android Cartel – My Hypnotist (original mix)
Rob Hess – Bottomless
Clio – Do it (Carlo Lio remix)
Sek – Between us (original mix)
Kramnik – Mongolium (Timo Maas Remix) /// Kram Records
Paperclip people – Throw slams
Gel Abril – Vision Is feat. Mr. Black
Bauus – Friends (audiojunkie remix)
Filthy Rich,Hauswerks – Just (original mix)
Da Fresh & Maverickz – Free your mind
Woo York – Iskra – Bulava EP
Ovi M – Faithful (Defacespektral Remix)
Emiliana Torini, Danielle – Hold Heart (Daniele Di Martino Remix)
Nik Allen – Gangsta Shit (original mix)
Hardy Heller, Alex Conners – Gump (Original mix)
Luis Junior – Athens (original mix)
Woo York – Tanzen Im Mondlicht – Bulava EP

Filterheadz tracklist

01. Ambivalent : Snowblind – Minus
02. Gary Beck : Algoreal – Soma
03. Arjun Vagale : Nitrovate – Herzblut
04. The Advent & Cari Lekebusch : Arrival – H-Productions
05. Tim Wolff : Louter – Balans
06. Soren Aalberg : Cheetah (Redhead Remix) – Girafe Sauvage
07. Filterheadz : Twitch – Intec
08. Filterheadz : Space Ride – Toolroom
09. Filterheadz – Black Star – Respekt
10. Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg : Lovecraft – Drumcode
11. D-Nox & Beckers : Narita Express (Marco Bailey & Tom Hades Techno Mayhem Remix) – Suara

About coreybiggs

Corey J. Tronchin aka CoreyBiggs is an Extraordinary Artist leading by examples acquired from his global travels and spreading deliberate learning incite to engage other in collective action and wisdom. He is currently Ceo of Professional Rockstars, Nolcha Fashion Brand Executive Consultant,Independent Social Media Consultant , Professional Coach, and Public Speaker. Making this world a better place. Music is the Drug!
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